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Choose Face Mask Suits Skin Type and Conditions

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Hey Girls,

Face Mask are good to keep the beauty of our skin to always look beautiful and clean. In addition to shrink pores, can also reduce the accumulation of oil and make the skin face becomes moist and smooth.

Be aware, it must not only select a mask based on the flavor or fragrance. Choose a mask with the appropriate content to the needs of your skin type.

Dry Skin:
Face mask that has a formula with the ability to hold moisture in the skin, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Products with vitamin E and olive oil can also help keep moisture on the skin.

Oily Skin:
Choose a mask that is able to absorb excess oil glands. Masks with basic material soil or clay mask is known as a substance that can absorb oil very well. Choose a mask that has properties such as clay mask, deep cleansers, oil absorbers or pore minimizer. These types of masks can reduce the level of bacteria on the skin, eliminate the sheen on the skin and minimize pores on facial skin.

Skin Acne:
Acne prone skin is usually irritated or inflamed skin. Because it needed a face mask that does not have the effect of inflammatory such as salicylic acid (which helps exfoliate and cleanse the pores), also containing benzoyl peroxide formula, plus sulfur to help kill bacteria. To reduce the effect of drying, use at least once a week, focus on the use of facial acne prone areas, such as the T. Avoid eye and mouth area.

Sensitive Skin:
Facial skin is very white, often have higher levels of sensitivity, so that tends to redden. Choose a facial mask that contains aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, maple, and green tea can reduce the redness and inflammation while. Sulfur, licorice, and xanthine Formula also helps eliminate the appearance of lines the blood capillaries on the face.

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