Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oily Hair Miths

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Hey Girls,

According to the myth, if oily hair settling for a few days it will seem not greasy. Of course, this myth is not true, because oily hair easier to catch the dirt so the hair looks more sticky. So greasy hair should be washed more frequently.

For this type of hair, you should wash every other day with a special shampoo for oily hair. Use shampoo evenly throughout the hair to the scalp. While the conditioner is used only at the ends of hair only.

At the time of rinsing the hair, make sure the shampoo clean until no remaining attached, mainly on the scalp, because the issue is not oil but the hair scalp.

Oil on the hair also is not always bad, because the oil will help keep moisture hair. Therefore, frequent combing the hair to help flatten out oil scalp.

Finally, avoid oily and fatty foods and consume more vegetables.

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